7 Days to Die

300x300 7 Days to Die7 Days to Die Alpha is now available 100% free. How is this possible you are probably asking yourself. No, we have partnered with “The Fun Pimps” and we constructed a plan that would not only benefit every person on this page, but also benefit every person in the future that wants to obtain this game, that doesn’t have the money to spend for the overprices 7 Days to Die Alpha. First of all, why would we pay for a pre-version of a game? We shouldn’t have to! So we made this possible by contacting them and offering them a deal that would benefit us booth, and this deal was a download lock. You guys are probably thinking, “Gary what the f*ck is a download lock?” Well, let me explain, this means when you attempt to click the download button on the homepage of this site you will be taken too a survey. Why a survey? This survey is giving “The Fun Pimps(Creators and Software Developers of 7 Days to Die)” the ability to give back to their sponsors without having to pay anything out of their pockets. So on these surveys the money is all going directly into the pockets of their sponsors making it possible for you guys to play, no this survey doesn’t take long, sometimes it isn’t even a survey! Most the times you can just do a quick download and install, then remove it! This is the only way you can get this 7 Days to Die Free. These surveys will not ship you anything, mail you anything, text you anything, all of the information is deleted right after completion! The information you put in the surveys is 100% safe. What are you waiting for? You should be getting this 7 Days to Die Download now!

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